Music from and for professionals

Our key motto is “Music from and for professionals“. Our radio stations broadcast music entrusted to us by artists from around the world. plays a key part in our vision for the Revolution in the Music Industry and the change of the “status quo” in favor of both the general public and the musicians. The idea belongs to young musicians and embraces their ideas about a world with no borders for music.

Strength in Unity

Our company recognizes that it is as strong as its members and because of that we are constantly looking for new, talented and eager to work associates.

We invite you to a beautiful musical journey, which will elevate your art and your business. Break free from the shackles of music rights collection agencies and let us share the wonderful creations of young, ambitious artists with the world.

Collective Management Organisation (CMO)

We work together with two Collective Management Organisations (CMOs), as described in the directive 2014/26/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of 26 February, 2014, making sure artists receive fair copyright management.

RadioPro Ltd is listed on the official site of the British Copyright Office as a licensing body for music works. RadioPro Rights Management Limited is a CMO licensed by the Intellectual Property Office of Ireland.