Buy music licences for your PROJECT

If you need music for a commercial project (i.g. Youtube video, corporate presentation, TV shows & series, movies, commercials, documentaries, etc) or as background for your hotel,  gym, restaurant, cafeteria and/or store, we offer music without having to pay additional copyright fees  to multiple Collective Management Organizations.

Artists offer their music through, allowing you to purchase a single license for the commercial use of their work.

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Get the music you need from a TRUSTED source

We work together with two Collective Management Organisations (CMOs), as described in the directive 2014/26/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of 26 February, 2014, making sure artists receive fair copyright management.

RadioPro Ltd is listed on the official site of the British Copyright Office as a licensing body for music works. RadioPro Rights Management Limited is a CMO licensed by the Intellectual Property Office of Ireland.

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Background music for stores and businesses

Our carefully hand-picked, genre categorized music works on feature daily updated playlists, without third party ads and absolutely no interruptions. All rights are included and you will not pay a dime to copyright organizations.

If you are the owner or the manager at a hotel, restaurant, cafeteria, sports bar, gym, any kind of store or any business establishment which plays music in public, then you need our background music service, to avoid fines and minimize your cost of business.


ALL rights included

No more monetization issues with Youtube, Vimeo or any other platform. No more claims against you. Receive the maximum profit from your projects, without jeopardizing your social media account and your precious work, due to copyright infringement.

Use our music in online advertising, monetized videos, Youtube video, Facebook video, corporate video, product presentation, podcast, crowdfunding, on any video platform of your choice.

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Official CERTIFICATE for the music you license

When you purchase a music license from RoyaltyREV and use the artistic work in your project, you will receive an official license certificate, stating that you will not pay any other Organisation of Copyright and Related Rights for the use of the music.

The artists working with us guarantee that they will not file a claim against you for the musical works you licensed through RoyaltyREV and that you are entitled to use the music in your projects, even for commercial purposes.

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