Sell licenses for your music

Upload your music on RoyaltyREV and offer your music directly to Commercial and Creative Users (i.g. TV shows & series, movies, commercials, documentaries, etc) for the fee you determine suitable for your work.

In addition, even if you have 1 song or 100, you are welcome to participate in our active background music platform for stores, adding automatically more revenue to your vendor account every month.

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Get your music streamed and earn more!

We will pay you a fair monthly amount via Paypal, according to the times your songs will be broadcasted in our stations.

Each musical work goes through free mastering in our studios, to achieve the optimum sound for internet and radio broadcasting. We will never ask you to pay anything for the preparation, mastering and promotion of your music.

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Allow your music to be heard

Through our cooperation with online and traditional radio stations across the globe, your music will be streamed directly to businesses everywhere (streamed, not downloaded).

In we believe that for someone to purchase your music, it should reach his /her ears. We promote the use of streaming music in public spaces and help you develop the commercial aspect of your artistic creation.

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Collective Management Organisation (CMO)

RadioPro Ltd operates as a Collective Management Organisation (CMO) as described in the directive 2014/26/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of 26 February, 2014.

You can find RadioPro Ltd on the official site of the British Copyright Office, listed as a licensing body for music works.

Our company operates as a Collective Management Organisation (CMO) throughout the E.U. taking further steps to work together with the local governments.

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Keep your copyrights for your music

The cooperation of creators with can be non-exclusive. The copyrights to the lyrics and music, as well as any related rights for performing, are kept with their original owners and are not transferred permanently to us.

Working with us can non-exclusive and you remain at all times the owner of your copyright and related rights, contrary to what happens today with the performance rights organizations and copyright societies.

However, if you wish you can always apply to become a Member of the RadioPro Ltd Collective Management Organisation (CMO), however it is not required.

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